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Spotify’s Family Pack great for parents and kids

Spotify is one of the best music streaming applications out there. With a huge number of tracks and great plans, the company has started to roll out yet another plan feature for the streaming platform called the “family plan.

In order to help parents make sure that their children are not subjected to such songs that portray violence, drugs or have a lot of swearing in it. The all-new feature allows the parents to filter out songs with explicit lyrics. It is quite easy for a child to get mislead with the names of the artists, for example, a child could think that Snoop Dogg is a cartoon!

That’s not all about the new feature. With this new feature, you also get a family mix, which will allow you to make use of various songs from the playlists to create a playlist for the entire family. What’s more is that the feature allows you to make use of the playlist with granular control, this kind of control offers you a way to ensure that the playlist is not all about just Frozen or Baby Shark.

Apart from this, there is yet another feature in the app that allows you to add more users and delete them, which is called Family Hub. The feature also allows you to update your personal information online and keep it up to date. Also, Family Hub allows you to adjust the parental settings on the app too.

Furthermore, the regular membership programs are still available online and you can find them at the same price. However, Spotify urges families to save some extra bucks with the latest plan. And to make sure that family plans aren’t abused, Spotify has come up with methods to cross-check the families and the information.

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