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Target’s Good and Gather label to be released next month

Target stores are one of the largest supermarkets in the US. With massive popularity among the crowds, the store is ready to move forward with its new ideas. Not only is the brand trying to combat Walmart and Amazon, but it is also trying to set itself apart from the others.

Soon enough, the company will be selling its own organic food. Target is all set to launch milk, eggs, and even its own beetroot hummus, and all of this will be under the name Good and Gather. Target is launching this brand in over 1800 stores by next month. Good and Gather is set to become the store’s flagship food brand.

According to what Target told USA Today, the brand will be launched next month with beverages and food products under the label. To kick start this, by next month about 1800 stores in the country will have this label. Apart from this, as per a Target executive vice president and president of food and beverage, Stephanie Lundquist said by 2020 the flagship label will have more than 2000 products under its belt.

Lundquist says that launching a food and beverage label under Target was a part of the plan to help the guests feed their families better food and better beverages. She says that many products and food companies add a lot of food colors and artificial flavors to add a different touch to their products. Target’s idea is to offer its customers organic produce to make their lives better.

She also says, “Love every bite or money back,” is yet another promise Target is making to its customers. She also said that for Target the choice was simple. It was really to offer wholesome produce so that the customers find it easy to know what they are buying.

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