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Greenland’s ice is melting, a researcher sets out to find more

As 2019 has been a year of realizing the threat to our environment, the issue ice melting and the ice caps reducing has been a big topic of discussions.

Greenland’s ice sheets are melting, and that too at a rapid speed. A researcher, Josh Willis, has set out to understand what exactly is causing this problem. What he saw from the NASA plane was nothing short of devastating.

The ice sheets of Greenland have been melting for years, but this year’s melt has been by far the biggest and the worst of all. Willis has been trying to figure out what the problem is. He has set out to figure out whether this melt has been caused due to warm air or due to the warmer water.

His findings for this matter will play a crucial understanding element for the global warming situation in the world. According to Willis, it is quite obvious that warm water melts ice faster than warm air, but Willis is yet to find his answer and give it to us.

Furthermore, Willis says that if his theory is correct and if, in reality, the melting of the ice is due to warmer water, then Greenland is at a higher risk. The coastal lines are growing every minute, and Greenland which is covered by a lot of ice will find itself at a higher risk.

The ice in Greenland is enough to make a difference of 20 feet on a global level, should the ice melt, the sea levels would rise 20 feet. Willis finds this situation very scary. According to him, we are “watching the ice sheet disappear in front of us.”

His project is called Oceans Melting Greenland, or OMG, and with this, he is trying to figure out how fast climate change is happening.

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