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MIT Researchers develop Minerva system to help Wi-Fi Streaming

One of the hardest things that people of today’s generation face is probably the problem of slow internet connection due to sharing of the internet connection. It is common for a household or any kind of Wi-Fi router to have many users, due to which the connection may slow down for others and maybe high for some.

If you are tired of sharing your internet speed with others or fight over the same with your family, then some researchers at MIT may have an answer to the problem. According to reports they might have found a way to eliminate the effects of slowing internet connection when the Wi-Fi is being shared.

The group of researchers from the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) has found a way to avoid excessive buffering and ugly pixelation of the streamed content. To avoid issues, the group has created the Minerva system which analyzes and understands the requirement of bandwidth as per the nature of the video to be played.

To understand this, you need to understand how traditional Wi-Fi systems works. Now, if you were to watch a show on your phone and so was to your kid, while somebody else is already streaming on the same network, the bandwidth of the network will be divided equally between you and your kid. Although this seemed to work for few, for fast-moving videos, such as sports, this was a problem, plus the horrible pixelated videos.

The new system, the Minerva system, understands the nature of the video in both online and offline phase, which will allow the Wi-Fi connection to be attributed as per the requirement of the video to be streamed and not as per the bandwidth you are left with.

When you think about it, this system is a lifesaver!

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