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DNA testing clinics opening everywhere

Over the years people have excessively tried to know more about their genes and about the diseases the genes may carry. With the massive popularity of at-home DNA testing kits, many top medical institutes are setting up clinics wherein people can pay to know more about their DNA structure and genes.

People can pay thousands of dollars to learn about the diseases lurking in their genes. Gene sequencing programs have been functional for the last two years. Many reputed names already have such clinics to their name as well, the University of California, San Francisco;the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology and the Mayo Clinic already had these clinics.

Now another couple of Boston hospitals are getting into the lucrative business, namely Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital. On Friday, Brigham and Women’s Hospital announced its plans for the DNA sequencing clinic to be launched that will have programs priced between $250 and $2,950 for the genetic workup.

Massachusetts General Hospital is set to launch its genetic sequencing program and clinics by next month. The price ranges for the hospital’s clinic will be similar to Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Although Brigham’s programs are both for kids and adults, the Massachusetts General Hospital’s programs are simply for adults alone.

These clinics will help patients to figure out more about their bodies. With the help of such results, the patients will be able to know about the mild diseases in their genes. Furthermore, the tests also help in narrowing down the rare or the common diseases that the patient may be at risk of. The tests will then make way for preventive measures, care, and screening.

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