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All that the 11th Gen iPhone may need to succeed

September is closing in, and die-hard Apple fans, as well as others, are waiting for the big reveal, the new iPhone’s reveal. As per Apple’s customs, the company reveals the new Apple phone in September each year.

However, things aren’t looking too good for Apple. In the fiscal third quarter, Apple’s sales fell by 12%. As per the numbers, people are trading in their Apple devices for new and better Android devices, such as the Galaxy 10 or Galaxy 10 Plus by Samsung.

Now that that is out of the way, there are some things that Apple could do to make its 11th generation iPhone look better, we don’t even know the name of the new-gen addition. However, the fact that Apple needs to up its game now is rudimentary. With Android phones going leaps and bounds, Apple needs to give its users more features to bank on apart from what it already offers.

For starters, Apple could start with naming its 11th generation with something, as well as others, Apple had gotten the names of the all the iPhones on-point, except for the last one, “iPhone X.” As most people would have loved it to be pronounced as “ex” and not as a denominator of the Roman number “ten,” you could see why the users struggled with the name.

Apart from this, Apple battery life is infamous for its performance. Although the phones can be a wonder, the battery life makes it hard for the users. Adding a better screen and taking the processor to the next level may also help the company do well in the market.

Along with the additions mentioned above, Apple should try upping its camera game, the rear, and the selfie cameras. Apple’s iPhone does not need an explosive redesign, just some new features.

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