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Investors have more data available to them than ever before. The amount of available data is growing at an increasing rate, and the majority of this data is unstructured, requiring the use of new data processing and analysis techniques. The Social AI section will include findings and strategies related to these new data sources, with a focus on social media.
Our Social AI product work can be used in two ways - as an informational resource and as a signal for investment. For an investor interested in finding out which stocks are trending on social media, for example, one no longer needs to scour the various social media platforms – instead our systems will find and report those stocks that are being most discussed.
Also, some of the signals we derive from social media data can indicate likely future outperformance or underperformance for a given stock or asset class. Investors thinking about making changes to their portfolios may want to make use of our big data-derived signals in their investment process.