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Fri September 2, 2022

There is a lot of trepidation about markets in September. The seasonals worry investors (one of the toughest months), coupled with midterm election uncertainties (not resolved until November) and the painful three-week downtrend in stocks adding to the misery. Stocks are approaching the “no bid”...

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Fri August 19, 2022

With housing weakening, investors bringing out their “2008 hammers” again. Cognitive bias in full force. 2H rally intact.

Sentiment among our clients has not changed much. The plurality of our clients remain skeptical and see a multitude of problems ahead (see discussion below). But our view remains that we see a 2H rally leading to new highs for the S&P 500. We believe this will be led by...

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Fri August 12, 2022

Inflation showing decisive “break” in pattern. Rally strengthening = focus on lower quality. 6 names. 2H rally intact.

The rally seen in equity markets post-CPI has been largely met with skepticism. This is essentially true of the gains seen over the past week and past month. Below is a comment from a sellside strategist and is emblematic of the pushback we get from clients (keep in mind, the...

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Fri August 5, 2022

Don’t Wait For Fed: Fed Raising rates 48% of periods since 1954 and equities often turn 6M before last “hike”

Investors remain broadly cautious on equities. This is completely understandable given the carnage in markets this year, along with the great uncertainties associated with the trifecta of rising inflation, Russia-Ukraine war and “negative shocks” delivered by Fed hawkish policy. But as a counterpoint, one can be constructive if one believes...

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Fri July 29, 2022

The August 1982 moment: bear market “bottom” before Fed pivots – if true, new highs coming sooner than most expect

The biggest takeaway for me on events of this week? Convincing and arguably decisive evidence the “bottom is in” — the 2022 bear market is over.this was a big data week, with FOMC, 2Q GDP, housing and PCE (today)a huge miss on GDP, yet markets rallyFed raises +75bp and says...

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Fri July 22, 2022

5 reasons equities rallying. Expanding breadth affirms 2022 “bottom” is in. P/E can expand with Fed hikes, as long as “shocks” are avoided. 2H rally.

We are starting to see strengthening internals for equity markets, including key leadership improvements from Technology ($QQQ) and small-caps ($IWM) and measures such as advance/decline lines. Thus, from the perspective of our Head of Technical Strategy, Mark Newton, this is the healthiest expansion of participation all year, and a key...

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Fri July 15, 2022

Despite a flat out bad June CPI report, Fed officials sound “measured” (vs “expeditious”)…arguably enabling equities to see “less bad”

In the 36 hours since the horrific June CPI report, equities have managed to better with Technology stocks managing gains.initial “hawkish” market reaction was to price near 100% odds of +100bp for July hikebut as the Fed funds futures chart shows, this was reversed during the trading session Thuthis is...

Incoming economic “hard” data won’t reflect increasing signs of disinflation. Visibility on “I” matters more than “e”

There will be several incoming “hard” data points that will impact market views on inflation and economy and therefore impact Fed policy. Paramount remains inflation pressures and while many “soft” (surveys and market implied) and leading indicators (commodities, etc) have softened sharply, the actual data needs to be seen to...

Less “I” on horizon. Markets can see through weaker “e” if “I” disinflating

Cooling of inflation (“i”) aka disinflation is Fed primary focus and in 1H2022, the sole focus of markets. Obviously, there remains the question of how quickly inflation can cool, and this lack of visibility unsettles markets. But as we discuss below, energy prices have dropped sharply in the past few...

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Fri June 24, 2022

LEAD VS LAG: Case strengthening inflationary drivers peaked (“lead”), even if CPI remains elevated (“lag”) = market perception lagging

Incoming data this week has pointed to a pronounced softening of economic momentum globally, and this has pushed commodity prices lower and similarly pushed down interest rates. And this has shifted market focus:inflation vs recessiontwo paths to ruin, either inflation wrecks the economy or a recession wrecks the economyweakening incoming...

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Fri June 17, 2022

Equities become ‘no bid’ and %-stocks >50D now 2.0%...4 stocks (of 9) need to fall to reach 1.2% seen Mar 23, 2020 and Dec. 24, 2018

Equities have suffered an utter meltdown in the past week as the hot inflation implications of U Mich and CPI pushed stocks into “no bid.” There are many explanations offered for this, but the ultimate takeaway is that equities are in the midst of liquidation. As @jasongoepfert of Sentiment Trader...